We can cushion the global fuel crisis with local biofuel


East Sepik Governor Allan Bird said the country should start investing in biofuels to meet fuel demand in the country in anticipation of unforeseen global shocks.

He said the recent Russian-Ukrainian war is a lesson to be learned where fuel prices have risen, and therefore the government needs to invest more money in the biofuel sector to partner with the private sector to get into the business. of biofuels as a cushion for unintended effects. of global crisis.

He said it is very difficult to predict how the economy will behave and react to the global crisis.

“I want to tell the government to take a serious look at biofuels.

We need to cushion the shocks of the global economy.

We cannot continue to ignore and be unaware of the ocean of the economy because we are a small country, and we are not taking the necessary steps to try to mitigate some of the effects of global economies on us,” did he declare.

He said fuel and energy are becoming serious security issues for many countries.

He said that in 2007 he owned a coconut plantation and within two years he made his own diesel.

He said there are people like in Bougainville who also make their own diesel from coconuts.

“It’s a simple technology, the first engines were designed to run on engine oil, not fossil fuels.” Mr Bird said the abundance of fossil fuels and oil has made people lazy and dependent.

He said PNG has the best growing climates and one of the top producers of palm oil in the world, so palm oil can be converted into biodiesel.

He said other oilseed plants that grow well can also be used as fuel.

“Our government needs to start putting money aside in the next budget so we can partner with the private sector and start moving towards energy security.

“We need to look further and we need to start building the resilience of our local economy.

We need to produce more locally to insulate ourselves and reduce the effect on imported inflation.

“It’s important that we understand that and it’s important that our people understand that,” he said.

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