US Venture Continues To Dominate Industry With Motor Fuel License Center’s Fuel Tax Compliance Technology

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona., December 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Motor Fuel License Center, a leading data source for oil and gas companies to automate fuel tax compliance, today announced that it welcomes the opportunity to work with US Venture to advance indirect tax operations. US Venture leads the industry using the next generation of to complement its excise tax software suite and improve tax compliance automation.

As a cloud-based source of licensing content for US Venture and its US petroleum division, the Motor Fuel License Center provides unprecedented access to licensing information from many federal, state, and local jurisdictions. The introduction of delivered content to automate fuel tax compliance lays the foundation for future tax innovations.

“Adding license content to an already impressive portfolio expands the company’s capabilities and creates new connections to automate excise tax compliance,” said Matthieu schmeisser, founder and developer of the platform at the MF License Center. “Finding a better way is US Venture’s proven goal, and the MF License Center supports the laudable pursuit of setting new, state-of-the-art excise tax standards. “

About the Fuel Registration Center
The Motor Fuel License Center (MFLC) helps companies obtain data to automate fuel tax compliance. Its cloud-based software solves a well-known tax compliance gap for oil and gas companies. As a single data source for preloaded license content, the platform complements any tax software to perform tax determination, tax preparation, and reporting compliance. To learn more about its compliance automation capabilities for businesses, including onboarding opportunities, visit

About US Venture, Inc.
For more than 65 years, US Venture, Inc. has been recognized as an innovative leader in the distribution of petroleum and renewable energy products, lubricants, tires and parts, and has used data-driven insights to manage the energy and information in the global movement of goods. US Venture delivers creative and unconventional solutions that give their clients a competitive edge and enable the business to support the communities in which they live, work and play. Through the values ​​lived by the businesses: US Oil, US AutoForce®, Tire’s Warehouse, US Gain, Breakthrough, US Lubricants, US Petroleum Equipment and IGEN, US Venture is looking for new ways to drive business success while remaining steadfast in its commitment to making the world a better place. Explore more at

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