United calls for aggressive policy to cut fuel prices

Airline prices are skyrocketing, and one of the main reasons is the cost of fuel.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, thefts increased 18.6% in one month.


United Airlines communications director Josh Earnest noted that soaring airline ticket prices are a direct result of fuel prices, just as Americans were ready to travel again after the pandemic.

“We’re actually going to be paying $10 billion — with a ‘B’ — more in fuel this year than we did in 2019,” Earnest said on Fox’s America’s Newsroom. “The increase we had to absorb is incredible.”

Earnest called for an aggressive energy policy that would reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

“One of the ways to do that is to invest in sustainable aviation fuel,” he said on the show.

United has already made a major investment in sustainable fuels, noting that the airline produced jet fuel from municipal waste and tested a flight last year.

“In December, United was actually the first-ever commercial airline to operate a commercial flight with an engine powered by 100% sustainable aviation fuel,” he said.

United is investigating other sustainable fuels that could simultaneously reduce fuel prices and help the environment.

The airline hopes to turn the bad residual oxygen into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through a partnership with a Houston biotech company specializing in carbon dioxide.

Another problem facing the airline industry is the shortage of manpower, especially pilots, who Earnest says cannot simply be hired “off the street”.

“There are years of training and experience that someone has to go through to become a pilot,” he said.

United addresses this concern through its pilot training academy, which can potentially train 500 pilots a year.

“We’re really excited about this,” he said on America’s Newsroom. “It also gives us the opportunity to diversify the cockpit and open up this career opportunity to people who have never had this opportunity.”

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