Toyota harnesses hydrogen produced by geothermal energy


Obayashi demonstration plant for the production of geothermal energy and green hydrogen (source: Obayashi Corporation)

Toyota is partnering with construction company Obayashi to harness hydrogen produced by geothermal energy for hydrogen racing cars and production equipment in Japan.

As part of a Toyota Motor Corporation announcement about the entry of a developing hydrogen-powered vehicle during the five-hour Super Taikyu race at Autopolis, which took place last weekend, the company is also announcing its intention to use geothermal energy. to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen engine is being developed as part of Toyota’s efforts to achieve a carbon neutral mobility company.

Together with large construction company Obayashi, the company plans to implement hydrogen produced with geothermal energy locally in Kyushu, Japan.

In Kokonoe City, Oita Prefecture, Obayashi is engaged in a demonstration project for the integrated production of green hydrogen using geothermal energy for the first time in Japan, and the supply of this green hydrogen to various clients. It also supplies green hydrogen produced from geothermal energy for Toyota’s hydrogen engine, the Corolla.

Construction of the demonstration plant started in August 2020. The hydrogen supply capacity is approximately 10 Nm3/ h. Obayashi Corporation built the hydrogen plant in Kokonoe Town in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu using geothermal energy to break down water to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen will be supplied to Toyota’s plant in Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu for use with fuel cells in forklifts.

The company uses hydrogen as fuel for a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen engine during the Autopolis race held in Oita last weekend.

Source: Toyota Company Press Release

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