Toyota Ghana launches genuine motor oil in the automotive market


Toyota Ghana Company Limited has launched its New Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) in the Ghanaian automotive market.

This is an engine oil designed for leading Toyota cars.

Mr Andrew Lampety, Head of Commercial Operations at Toyota Ghana, speaking on behalf of Mr Kohui Yanaka, Managing Director, said it would not be an exaggeration to say that an automobile’s lifeline is lubrication own.

Mr Lampety made the remarks at the Motor Oil Garages and Seminar on “Choosing the Right Oil for Your Vehicle” in Accra.

He said that the longevity of a car’s engine is greatly assured, using genuine engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

The sales manager said that using an engine oil that was not suitable for a Toyota vehicle created a build-up of unwanted particles in the engine, causing the engine oil to deteriorate more quickly and shorten the service life. overall engine.

“The TGMO is specially formulated with optimal cleaning and protective capabilities for your Toyota vehicle, it also provides full engine protection against friction and heat press for better performance and maximum engine life,” he added.

He said the engine oil has been extensively tested to ensure optimum performance under various driving conditions.

Mr Lampety said it was very important to keep the Toyota vehicle running at its peak with engine oils specially formulated for the vehicle.

He said Toyota Ghana Company Limited would sell three variants of the motor oil

He called on Toyota vehicle owners to use Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, which was the preferred oil for their vehicle, and urged them to be ambassadors for these products in stores.

Mr. Bala Balakrishnan, Idemitsu’s sales manager, advised Toyota vehicle owners to watch out for counterfeit products that are widely circulated in the market.

He asked them to identify these activities and report them to Toyota Manufacturing Company for immediate action.

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