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The Ferrari 488 GTB has one hell of a engine

Back in 2015, Ferrari launched the 488 GTB. At the time, EVO called the Italian automaker’s decision to produce the supercar a “change of philosophy”. The 458 Italia and Speciale had been very successful Ferraris in the past, the latter being a former eCoty winner, but the Italian automaker decided to make the 488 GTB a more powerful and efficient ride.

Indeed, it is a breathtaking model. The performance of the 488 GTB is rather cheeky and its handling is such that at no time does it make the driver wait for the vehicle to reach top speed. This model is nothing more than a relentless monster.

Autocar claims that the 488 GTB is the seventh descendant of the same line as the 1975 Maranello which replaced the Dino V6 with the 308 GTB. In the mid-2010s, the publication declared it Britain’s champion for best left-hand drive driver’s cars.

Like most Ferraris it is not cheap, although it has been around for six years now. Readers should save around $ 250,440 at a minimum to begin their journey to 488 homeowners. The Italian automaker claimed at the time that its price was justified because nothing can compare to any of its cars. Modest, eh?

However, when it comes to deciding which feature is best on this model, it’s not an easy choice. However, we think the engine takes the cake, even though the 488 GTB comes with a lot of impressive features.

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The engine of the Ferrari 488 GTB is its best feature

Powertrain Ferrari 488 GTB

Via: Roland Woon /

It’s hard to argue that this model would be incomplete without its mind-blowing engine. When the media got excited about the model’s launch in 2015, it was dominated by one key technical change: a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 derived from the one first used in California in the early 2010s.

It allows significant gains in peak power and torque over the 458 Italia’s V8 and offers a marked improvement in fuel consumption, thereby reducing emissions. Its engine powers up to 661 horsepower and it produces up to 560 lb-ft of torque.

Thanks to the incredible and relentless performance of the turbocharged V8, it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in three seconds flat.

When Top Gear reviewed the car in the past, they suggested that the engine sound of the 488 GTB could be described as “very different” from that of the 458 and that it had traded some of the frenzied tightness for something more linear, controlled and industrial.

Either way, the post expressed how much of it is like a modern F1 car and that the 488 GTB is the loudest turbo road vehicle, although not quite as atmospheric.

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The 488 GTB has an impressive interior

Interior of the Ferrari 488 GTB

Via: super cool car /

The design of the 488 GTB comes second in the battle for the best features, because it looks truly stunning on the inside. During production, Ferrari streamlined the control boxes on either side of the cabin, which itself includes high-definition displays, and the center tunnel controls are typical of those found in n ‘ any Ferrari model. Although it’s starting to age now, the 488 GTB feels modern, expensive, and the ergonomics are top-notch.

Typically, the base spec is just the starting point, so the car can be changed into virtually any style the driver wants. Designed in-house by the Ferrari Styling Center, the 488 GTB combines classic Ferrari lines with the latest aero aids.

The front has a double grille opening that channels the air quality directly into the two engine radiators placed in the nose of the car. In addition, the front cover has two unique air channels that help draw air through the two front air intakes.

Side air intakes in front of the rear wheels force cooling air into the engine compartment and also deliver massive air volumes to the engine air intakes. At the rear of the 488 GTB, there is a “blown” spoiler and other air vents to help airflow increase downforce and reduce lift. The exhaust system has also been repositioned to accommodate the more efficient rear diffuser.

But what lets the 488 GTB’s design down is the carbon fiber finish, which we think is too shiny. Without this factor, the design of the car would probably have been the best feature of the supercar.

So this is it. Six years after its release, the 488 GTB remains a standout vehicle and, all things considered, we think its impressive 3.9-liter V8 engine is its best feature, although there is also a lot more to love about it. this Ferrari.

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