The ‘Daniel K. Inouye’ built in 2018 by Matson will undergo an LNG engine conversion

US shipping company Matson Navigation has signed an agreement with MAN Energy Solutions to upgrade the main engine on board the 2018-built Daniel K. Inouye container ship to dual-fuel LNG.

The 3,600 TEU capacity vessel is currently fitted with a MAN B&W 7S90ME-C main engine with “bi-fuel ready” capability. The new engine, a MAN B&W 7S90ME-GI, is capable of running on LNG and fuel oil and the conversion would be relatively simple, according to MAN Energy Solutions. The new engine is part of MAN Energy Solutions’ renowned ME-GI two-stroke gas injection line.

The agreement with MAN Energy Solutions includes an option for a second vessel.

“Upgrading a MAN B&W engine to dual-fuel operation is a simple and proven process, as our standard electronic diesel engines are already built as ‘dual-fuel ready’ and are therefore easily convertible,” said said Jens Seeberg, Head of Upgrading and Upgrades. at MAN Energy Solutions. “Dual-fuel retrofits offer a viable path for shipowners like Matson who foster a company-wide ethic of environmental sustainability and want to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050. Ultimately, when the bio-LNG and SNG will come online in sufficient volumes, ME-GI engines running on these fuels will also meet these net zero aspirations.

The Daniel K. Inouye became the largest commercial vessel ever built in the United States when delivered by Philly Shipyard in 2018. A second Aloha-class vessel, Kaimana Hila, was delivered by Philly Shipyard in early 2019. The Aloha- are also the fastest in Matson’s fleet with a top speed of 23.5 mph.

The ships were originally intended for regular service between the American mainland and Hawaii – a Jones Act trade.

At some point, the Daniel K. Inouye was transferred to Matson’s premium and expedited service from China to Southern California. After the refurbishment, the Daniel K. Inouye is expected to continue operating on trans-Pacific routes between the US West Coast and Asia from mid-2023, MAN Energy Solutions said. Press release.

MAN Energy Solutions says converting the Daniel K. Inouye to LNG is expected to reduce its CO2 emissions by 24% with “maximum, guaranteed and ultra-low methane slip of between 0.20 and 0.28 g/kWh over the ‘load envelope’.

The company provided some additional details about the renovation:

As part of the retrofit solution, MAN Energy Solutions will also supply a Pump and Vaporizer Unit (PVU), the preferred high-pressure pump and vaporizer for MAN B&W ME-GI engines, which will be integrated into the fuel supply. fuel gas by Daniel K Inouye. System (FGSS). The PVU pressurizes the LNG to 300 bars and vaporizes the liquefied fuel in gaseous form to supply the main engine. In addition, its control system is based on that of the MAN B&W ME-GI engine and thus offers seamless integration and high performance in gas mode.

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