Tata Motors Sets New Benchmarks for Automotive Safety in India; The action soars nearly 2%

Tata Motors has informed about setting new benchmarks for car safety in India.

With the increase in the number of road accidents and fatalities globally and in India, safety has become an important consideration for automakers and their customers.

Its importance cannot be overstated in a country like India, where road deaths are around 1.5 lakh per year or 400 per day. Therefore, with security being an important pillar in transforming mobility through CESS (Connected, Electric, Safe and Shared), the demand in India is only growing. As a major player in the Indian automotive industry, Tata Motors continues to emphasize its fundamental commitment to providing the safest vehicles in every segment.

Over the past year, Tata Motors has made significant progress in setting new safety benchmarks:

Commenting on the continued emphasis on improved safety standards, Rajendra Petkar, President and Chief Technical Officer of Tata Motors, said: “Buyers today have begun to look beyond traditional attributes such as economy and performance, and they prioritize safety before making a purchasing decision. Our PV revenue growth reflects the traction and popularity we are gaining among Indian car buyers on this front.

We have stayed ahead of the curve by developing a long-term strategic roadmap for security and achieving it through teams of expert engineers, making investments, incubating innovative concepts, choosing the right technology partners and providing solutions for mass markets through lean engineering. . Our GNCAP achievements demonstrate our firm commitment to offering products capable of meeting the highest global safety standards.

As we look to a new chapter of transformation in the automotive sector, we are confident that Tata Motors will maintain its lead in passenger car safety and remain the preferred choice of customers for years to come. »

Tata Motors was trading at Rs510.10 each up Rs8.85 or 1.77% on Sensex at around 12:33 p.m.

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