Simmons: United States could suffer tragic consequences of flawed energy policy


Brook a simmons

Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere with policymakers now scrambling to cope with an energy crisis created in large part by their rejection of fossil fuels and their adoption of unreliable renewables.

No sooner did OPEC + ask US President Joe Biden to pound the sand that he began to realize in consumers that they would be the ones paying for the unrealizable green dreams of coastal elites.

Flip the switch and the light will come on. Turn up the thermostat and heat follows. Turn the key and the engine roars.

This is the energy security Americans have become accustomed to, but this security is undermined when governments force consumers to move away from proven energy sources. Look no further than the current crisis in Europe for proof. The nations of the old continent have passed comprehensive energy laws requiring the production of electricity from heavily subsidized intermittent sources. Now, with the approach of cold weather and an insufficient supply of natural gas to meet consumer demands, Europeans have seen a 600% increase in natural gas prices.

Left-wing lawmakers in Washington, DC, want to emulate the nations of Europe that have given up on fossil fuels despite the damaging economic impacts and the trauma felt by those living on or below the poverty line who spend more. of their family income for energy.

The prices of gasoline, food and other essentials have all risen in the past year, straining the budgets of families across the country. And now the prices of natural gas, the most common way to heat homes, are at their highest levels in seven years. If it is a cold winter, prices could go up even more. For struggling families and low-income Americans, rising heating costs are a real threat.

This temporary inflation in energy costs could become permanent if those who control Congress succeed and ditch the fuels of choice today.

Maintaining a constant supply of reliable and affordable home energy is essential to strengthening America’s energy security. The domestic oil and gas industry can meet the nation’s demands, but the White House and congressional leaders must kneel America’s energy producers.

Brook A. Simmons is President of Oklahoma Oil Alliance.

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