PBF Energy to Use Honeywell Technology for Potential Renewable Diesel Project


Honeywell announced that PBF Energy Inc., an independent petroleum refiner and supplier of transportation fuels, will use Honeywell Ecofiningâ„¢ technology for a potential renewable diesel project at its Chalmette refinery in Louisiana, United States.

PBF is currently evaluating the conversion of an unused hydrocracking unit at the plant to a single stage Ecofining unit which, if built, would produce 20,000 bpd of renewable diesel fuel. A final investment decision from PBF is expected in the coming months.

Honeywell’s one-step eco-refining process is a cost-effective and quick-to-market solution suitable for repurposing underutilized hydrotreating units to produce higher yields of renewable diesel fuel. The process produces Honeywell Green Diesel â„¢ fuel, which is chemically identical to petroleum-based diesel and can be used as an instant replacement in vehicles without engine modification.

Depending on the choice of raw material, renewable diesel also exhibits up to 80% lifecycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional diesel. the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Renewable Fuels Standards Program requires all domestic oil refineries to blend renewable fuels in the diesel pool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which also increases our domestic fuel supply.

“If we decide to go ahead with this project, UOP’s Ecofining technology will allow us to create value by reallocating an unused processing unit to produce renewable diesel before competitors bring their units online. Said Matt Lucey, president of PBF Energy. “This project would also maximize the benefits of Chalmette’s strategic location on the Gulf Coast with excellent water, rail and truck access to national and global markets with the highest demand for renewable diesel, allowing us to meet the rates highest yields.

“With the current demand for renewable fuels particularly strong at the national level, PBF Energy is well positioned with its Chalmette facility to contribute to the growth of sustainable biofuels,” said Ben Owens, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions . “Customers such as PBF Energy trust UOP to convert existing process units into renewable diesel and jet fuel production, so they can comply with more stringent regulations while saving costs and space for the equipment. “

The new process uses a combination of catalysts in a single operating environment to remove oxygenates and other contaminants from the feedstock, then isomerize the feedstock to improve its cold flow properties. Thanks to its simplified design, one-step Ecofining technology can be commissioned quickly, with low CAPEX.

UOP and Eni SpA jointly developed the Ecofining process, which converts inedible natural oils and animal fats into renewable diesel fuel. The process produces diesel with a cetane number of 80, significantly higher than the 40 to 60 cetane diesel commonly used in diesel engines today. As a result, this higher cetane diesel fuel can be blended with cheaper, low cetane diesel to meet transportation fuel standards while providing better engine performance with lower emissions.

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