No need to make flex fuel engines compulsory: Gadkari | Nagpur News

Nagpur: After insisting earlier on making flex fuel engines mandatory for car manufacturers, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Saturday that it was no longer necessary to do so because many auto giants have already started manufacturing it. He also fought for using the motor of the drones to reduce their cost from Rs6 lakh to Rs1 lakh.
Speaking at the launch of Agri Vision Radio, the city MP announced that a new train would depart on December 22 in Bangladesh carrying products like custard, cotton balls, Ayurvedic medicines and textiles, among others, from various parts of Vidarbha. The areas included Washim, Akot Morshi, Katol, Narkhed and others.
The move came after the success of a previous experiment in exporting oranges from the region to Bangladesh via the rail network during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Insisting on increasing the use of bioethanol as a fuel, the minister said he would seek the help of Russian scientists to increase the caloric value of ethanol and make it comparable to that of gasoline. “Companies like Hyundai and Suzuki have started making flexible motors for four-wheelers, while Bajaj and TVS are making them for two-wheelers. Against Rs 100 / liter for gasoline, ethanol can be available for Rs 62.
Emphasizing the use of flexible motors in drones, the minister said that Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF) has released a new form of urea that can be spread by drones. “To make it cheaper, drones have to fly on flexible motors using ethanol rather than using a lithium-ion battery. One of these drones was made by an agricultural university in Rahuri. We need to phase out the drones. gasoline and diesel engines.
Gadkari said the material has so far been shipped via the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) sea route to Dhaka. “Thanks to the railroad, it will be much easier to ship all goods in less time and at half the price. Since Bangladesh is a global hub for ready-to-wear clothing, cotton from the Vidarbha region can be in high demand there. We can also send Bhiwapur peppers, Washim cream apples and Buldhana bananas.
The top BJP leader said the two countries have already launched a joint venture to export these products. “Our shrimp can also be exported to countries like Singapore where the rate is Rs 10,000 per kg against Rs 800 in Vidarbha. At my request, the Minister of Livestock, Sunil Kedar, started working there. Ramtek MP Ashish Jaiswal is also expected to reach out to fishermen. ”
Sharing his dream for the farmers, Gadkari said they too should stay in air-conditioned bungalows in their villages and should not commit suicide due to poor harvests.


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