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New Morgan 3 Wheeler confirmed with non-turbo Ford Fiesta ST engine

The ultralight sports car is getting a new lease of life with gasoline, but a fully electric future is still on the horizon.


British sports car brand Morgan has confirmed that its iconic 3 Wheeler will be renewed for a new generation, powered by a naturally aspirated three-cylinder Ford engine that would be derived from the Fiesta ST hot hatch.

The demise of the existing retro-inspired three-wheeled sports car – powered by a front-mounted 2.0-liter V2 motorcycle engine – was announced last week, due to emissions regulations increasingly strict in Europe.

While an electric prototype has been presented in the past, the most recent model remains on gasoline.

Morgan simply says the new engine is a “Ford naturally aspirated inline three-cylinder engine,” but UK media report that it is a non-turbo version of the Fiesta ST’s 1.5-liter three-cylinder in hot hatch, which is expected to send around 90-100 kW to the single rear wheel via a five-speed manual transmission from the Mazda MX-5 roadster.


Camouflaged teaser images show the two-seater with a revised front end, updated wishbone suspension and reduced ground clearance. The new model is believed to have a redesigned aluminum tubular chassis, but its footprint appears almost completely unchanged.

It is not yet clear when the model will be fully revealed, how many examples will be built, or how much it will cost. Drive has contacted Morgan’s Australian distributor for clarification on local plans – this story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Morgan developed an electric version of the 3 Wheeler in 2016 known as the EV3. The project was finally abandoned after two years due to the high costs. However, with a blanket ban on new combustion engines in the UK set to go into effect by 2030, Morgan says it could be relaunched in the future.

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