More than just an SUV! Powerful engine with 9-speed automatic transmission available in 4×2 and 4×4 configurations

Jeep Meridian: While the compact SUV sector has become increasingly crowded, the large 7-passenger luxury SUV segment has shrunk, with the release of the Ford Endeavor and the Fortuner rising in price to the north. That left plenty of room for a luxury SUV that’s also rugged and has a diesel engine. Big SUVs drink diesel, and the Meridian falls into a category with few competitors.

Meridian: Setup

The Meridian is available in 4×2 and 4×4 configurations, with a 2.0-litre diesel engine producing 170hp / 350Nm and a standard 9-speed automatic transmission. The Compass has a gasoline engine, while the Meridian does not.

An ideal engine for better ride quality

Experts believe that a larger SUV like the Meridian needs a torquey diesel engine, and so this engine is ideal. It demonstrated what the rugged Meridian is capable of, with ride quality standing out as a particular strong point. It has a tough, safe, rugged feel, and the diesel has enough power to pull cleanly. It feels fairly quick with passengers and luggage, and the engine is quieter than its competitors.

The Meridian is built for the role we gave it, which is to devour long miles with no break for the driver as it feels smooth. While the transmission takes its time with gear changes – it’s perfectly suited for a huge, relaxing, highway-friendly SUV – the suspension made driving a whole lot easier.

Comparison of the Meridian with other SUVs

In comparison to the Fortuner/Alturas, the Meridian feels more nimble and less bouncy, as well as more refined. It has the rough look of an old SUV but doesn’t drive like one. Jeep included an automatic transmission with the 4×2, which makes sense since not everyone wants to drive off-road, and this 4×2 is capable of handling anything you can come across.

Average fuel economy

The Meridian did about 10-11 kmpl on the trip, and it had plenty of toys to keep us entertained, like a great sound system, power seats, dual-zone climate control, and a large panoramic sunroof. Space is also superior to its comparable old-school rivals, with comfortable second-row seats and ample legroom. The third row isn’t ideal for extended excursions, but we used it to store extra stuff.

Comfort and handling

It looks luxurious and comfortable, but it’s sturdy enough to compete with ladder frame competitors. The price also brings the Fortuner down considerably, but the 4×2 is better value if you don’t need a 4×4 or if you take frequent mountain trips. The Meridian is an excellent deal at this price because it gives you talent.

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