Mercedes’ new W13 engine a potential risk for rivals

Formula 1 news: Mercedes looks good with its engine developments. The power of Mercedes’ new W13 engine is a potential risk to other rival teams for the 2022 season. The team has been pushing hard to win its ninth consecutive constructors’ championship.

Since the end of the controversial final, Mercedes have shown that they are heading into the new season and preparing for it. They wasted no time getting their new W13 car ready.

This year’s campaign involves new technical regulations which mainly focus on aerodynamic changes. To improve racing has been a new challenge for the Formula 1 team. Each team will try to extract every last horsepower possible for the new campaign.

In the hybrid era Mercedes had one of the best engines but in 2021 they had some weaknesses. They had to take engine penalties at times. This happened because they had to install a new power unit due to the loss of power compared to the Honda in the back of the Red Bull cars.

Formula 1 News: Mercedes’ new W13 engine a potential risk for rivals

Before that, the Silver Arrows had never been seen under such pressure, so they wasted no time working for their new engine. The preview of their new cars also seemed next level and the confusion earlier was also addressed by Mercedes whether it was the 2021 or 2022 engine. Mercedes clarified that it was the 2022 F1 model .

Formula 1 News: New engine will lead to power reduction

They also have another advantage since other teams will find themselves with their engines by mid-February.

So they have more time to focus on other aspects of the car. This can give them the best possible benefits with the new regulations.

In addition, for the new season, a new E10 fuel is introduced. It will have 10% of its mix coming from renewable sources, which makes it efficient.

Mercedes also claimed to have also overcome the problem that the new fuel will cause a reduction in power.

Compared to the engines of 2021, the engines are now efficient. They said they had already made up the 20 bhp deficit caused by the changes with their new turbocharger in their new W13 car.

According to Mercedes, the turbo will improve the qualities of the six-cylinder and hybrid charging. This will allow for more extreme strategies, which is an amazing and exciting development if you’re of a Mercedes persuasion.

Even though Hamilton missed out on the drivers’ title, Mercedes are the eighth constructors’ champion, and the way they have worked this time around the Silver Arrows look solid. They have worked hard to maintain their status in 2020 as well.

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