Mercedes hopes to have made good progress with the 2022 engine

Not only are there new regulations regarding the chassis, but also in the area of ​​the engines there are a lot of changes for the next season in Formula 1. From 2022 E10 fuel will be used and engine frost will be introduced. Mercedes’ engine department has been very busy, and successfully.

E10 fuel in F1

“It doesn’t necessarily seem like such a big change, but it’s quite significant in how fuel and PU interact. It’s been a good phase of development for us and working so closely with our partners, PETRONAS, that collaboration is vital,” said senior executive Hywel Thomas.

A brand new car, combined with an engine that has been integrated into the car in yet another way, will take Lewis Hamilton and George Russell some getting used to. According to Mercedes, this year will be about learning and developing. New things will be learned every weekend.

“Drivers will want the PU to do different things at different times through corners and potentially from corner to corner, due to the characteristics of the car. The time spent at full throttle, the way drivers approach and exit corners, not being exactly like before and that will impact how we harvest energy and deploy it,” said Thomas.

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