Melbourne service station closes after diesel tank filled up to 40,000 liters of unleaded petrol

A petrol station in Melbourne’s east has been forced to close for almost two days after a fuel delivery error caused nearly 40,000 liters of petrol to fall into the diesel tank of the station.

Accidentally filling up your diesel car with gasoline can cause a lot of damage to your car and your wallet, but imagine doing it on a much larger scale!

As reported by sun heralda Shell Coles Express service station in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood East has been forced to close after a fuel delivery truck driver accidentally filled an underground diesel tank with up to 40,000 liters of petrol without lead.

A service station employee realized the error and stopped the station’s pumps before customers were affected by filling up their diesel-powered cars with unleaded petrol.

Running a diesel-powered car on gasoline can cause significant damage to the vehicle’s fuel system and engine, possibly leading to total failure within minutes of starting.

The incident caused the petrol station to close between Thursday evening and Saturday morning, while fuel disposal specialists worked to empty unleaded petrol from the underground diesel tank.

While the diesel tank is now clean and ready to be filled, the extracted mixture of gasoline and diesel fuel will apparently be transported to Viva Energy‘s Geelong refinery, where it will be refined and reused again.

As reported by Conduct earlier this week Melbourne recorded the second lowest average prices for 95RON unleaded petrol in Australia, with motorists paying $1.85 a litre.

The average price of 95RON unleaded petrol in Australian capital cities is $1.90 per litre, while the average diesel pump price is $1.95 in New South Wales and $1.99 $ to Victoria.

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