Maruti Suzuki Ertiga engine failure after only 6,000 km

The damage to the oil pan appears to have been caused by a projectile from the tires.

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I ran into this case on FB: First, let’s learn more about the case. Screenshots of sir’s message:


My opinion : It is clear that the oil pan is punctured at the point of impact, and to me it looks like a tire flying projectile case since there is no impact mark on the front plastic trim. covering the lower limb, and the point of impact is also quite deep inside compared to the surrounding areas which look clean.

In the past, I have also come across similar cases where critical engine components have been damaged without the owners actually crushing anything. For example:

This is precisely the reason why I installed an engine guard in my XL6, which is a stock fit in Dzires and Swift equipped with DualJet. Link to the post.

Maruti should recognize this and not indulge in such misery, and offer engine cowls at least as an accessory to all current and future owners.

Here is what BHPian libranof1987 had to say about it:

It’s incredibly stupid why / how manufacturers jump on the skid plate, especially given our road conditions. We have pebbles, potholes the size of a politician’s ego, debris and everything that isn’t littered all over our road network.

Our Honda City does not, Ford EcoSport gasoline does not, but diesel does. I pestered Ford ASC for months at the end to find it so I could fit it on my gasoline ES, but they couldn’t / wouldn’t. Since the basic problem cannot be solved, the least that manufacturers can do is have India-specific solutions.

It is, of course, Maruti so less of a surprise. Hopefully at least this guy stuck a dozen stickers. Or is it for the next anniversary edition?

Here is what procrj BHPian had to say about it:

The engine cover costs Rs 1600 / – which Maruti could easily have added to their so called “premium” cars. Heck, they should just add it to all of their cars. Period. IMO, the current engine cover is thin and it would have been better to have a thicker plastic engine cover providing much better underbody protection.

Not sure about this as you can consider it as a) Personal damage, in which case the insurance should cover OR b) Manufacturing defect, in which case the insurance will deny the claim and you will be left at the mercy of Maruti.

Here is what BHPian androdev had to say about it:

This will not be covered by the insurance, unless you have additional “engine / gearbox protection” cover. It is very important to note that the add-on without damping does not cover this either. In insurance parlance, this is called “indirect loss” and your claim will be denied under a regular policy without such an addition.

Personally, I know of a case where the oil pan hit a stone, there was no crack or oil leak, but a small piece of metal chipped inside the pan and killed the engine. Insurance was denied (zero amortization policy) and the owner had to pay out of pocket to replace the engine block. They did not replace the turbo during the repair and it was later discovered that the turbo was also damaged due to a lack of lubricant. The car in question was a 6 month old Polo TSI – the invoice with turbo approached 4Ls, paid 100% by the owner.

Here is what BHPian TrackDay had to say about it:

Instead of pushing customers to grab chrome, cushions, and other unnecessary accessories, this should show up as a mandatory offer, if not offered by default on the product. It is also necessary to make known why this part is important. I have seen in the past where a mechanic threw in a similar casing (guard) with the permission of the owner so that the car could be serviced easily in the future.

Check out BHPian’s reviews for more ideas and information.

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