MAN Energy Solutions concludes agreement with STX

Pictured at the virtual signing ceremony (MAN Energy Solutions unless otherwise stated): (left) Thomas Leander – Vice President, Head of Solutions and Head of Site, Frederikshavn; (top right, from left, STX HI) Kangmoon Lee – Assistant Manager, Engine Components & Ma

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The Maritime Executive

[By: MAN Energy Solutions]

MAN Energy Solutions has signed a cooperation agreement with STX Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., to supply its three EEXI (Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index) solutions to MAN B&W brand low-speed motors manufactured by STX HI. The goal of this agreement is to provide STX HI customers with an EEXI solution to help accelerate the pace of EEXI compliance.

Depending on customer needs, the solutions provided for in the contract offer a complete offer with evaluation report or simply a stand-alone OPL (Overridable Power Limitation). With immediate effect, the agreement is set for an initial period of three years.

Thomas Leander, Vice President – Head of Solutions and Site Manager, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “I am pleased that we have reached an agreement with STX HI which will help customers to comply with EEXI. It also means a lot for us given our commitment to help customers meet market demands for decarbonization.

Chun-Dong Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Engine Components and Retrofit Services Division, STX HI said, “We are very pleased to take this opportunity to enter into an agreement with MAN Energy Solutions who will provide the solution. relevant for EEXI regulations while STX HI will provide a reliable decarbonization solution to customers. Based on this agreement, we look forward to continuing our cooperation with MAN in the future to meet environmental regulations.

Replaceable power limitation

IMO regulation MEPC 335(76) which will come into force from January 2023 requires that ships already in service comply with the EEXI (Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index). MAN Energy Solutions has therefore developed an OPL that meets the demand of the vast majority of shipowners for a simple, economical solution that complies with the upcoming regulations. OPL reduces carbon emissions by limiting the maximum power – and therefore fuel consumption – produced by the main engines to less than that for which they were originally designed and certified.

Object and scope of the agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, STX HI will resell MAN Energy Solutions’ EEXI compliance solution for all MAN B&W branded ME and MC engines manufactured by STX HI. In order to accommodate customers as quickly as possible, STX HI will install the OPL solution on all these units.

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