If a consumer using credit wants to take advantage of a structuring process, he / she should analyze how much the interest rate difference is.

Therefore, we conducted a special Good Finance loan structuring analysis for those who would like to evaluate the installment advantage offered by banks. In this analysis, it is possible to find out how the structuring process took place, the current needs of the bank, housing and vehicle loan interest rates.

It is called the restructuring process of the borrower to update the debts of the existing loan product with new interest rates at Good Finance Bank.

In order to assist its customers in this respect, Good Finance Bank is structuring both the loans used within its own structure and the loans to be undertaken with the transfer of debt from other banks.

You can install all your loan debts at new interest rates and ease your financial situation with lower installment payments.

How to Configure Good Finance Credits?


You have used small or large amounts of credit for your needs. This can be to get a home or to cover your education costs. Regardless of the type of credit, if you are unable to pay your installments, you can configure your credit in the future to avoid problems when buying credit products from banks.

If you want to do this, you can go to the nearest Good Finance Bank branch. The branch authorities will allow you to apply for your Good Finance loan configuration request by receiving your information.

The relevant department of the institution examines this application and makes a decision on whether to approve the structuring or not. If your request is approved, you will be offered a contract for the new credit product you will use and installments will be made after mutual signatures.

Good Finance Consumer Loan Configuration


You may have used interest rates from Good Finance Bank at that time to pay for your education or health, marriage, holiday.

However, if the current interest rates are more attractive to you, you can request a Good Finance consumer loan configuration . The current interest rate of the Bank’s general purpose loans varies according to the maturity and is between 1.26% and 1.45%.

The application channels are the Apply Now button on the website, internet banking, telephone branch and all branches.

Good Finance Vehicle Loan Configuration

Good Finance Vehicle Loan Configuration

With the installment service Good Finance Bank provides to its customers, you can configure your loan debts at a certain interest rate and in the term you demand.

The maximum maturity is 48 and the current interest rate for Good Finance vehicle loan restructuring is 1.44%. The interest rate is a fixed rate regardless of how many months of credit has been withdrawn.

You can go to the nearest Good Finance Bank branch and get detailed information for BSMV, KKDF, allocation fee, insurance policy fee and other expenses.

Good Finance Housing Loan Configuration


With the loan product known as Debt Transfer Loan, you can transfer the housing loan you use from a non-Good Finance Bank with a high interest rate to Good Finance Bank and request that it be structured with new interest rates.

Or you can apply for a new payment plan if you have difficulty in paying the debts of the housing loan you have used from Good Finance.

The current interest rate of the bank for this service, called Good Finance mortgage restructuring , is 1.25%. Please note that the standard interest rate applies to all maturities, but that you are liable to cover other costs when financing housing.

Good Finance 72 Month Loan Configuration

Those who wish to take advantage of 72 months of credit restructuring should apply to Good Finance Bank branches in person. As of September 21, 2016, within the framework of the decisions regarding housing, consumer and vehicle loans, you can benefit from the Good Finance 72 month loan restructuring service.


To do so, you must apply through the banking methods allowed by the bank and your application must be approved after the examination. If you intend to restructure your loan through Good Finance Bank, we strongly recommend that you review the bank’s current interest rates…

Good Finance Does Not Configure Credits

There are a number of prerequisites for benefiting from the 72-month loan restructuring law. First of all, the loan borrower must apply for the 72 month configuration of Good Finance .

Since the debts can be structured only once, it is also a requirement that no installments have been made before. Your Good Finance 72-month loan restructuring application may not be accepted if you have previously used the configuration service but the debt has been paid.

Your application may be rejected due to low credit score or bad record because the debts to banks are not paid and appear as a credit rating in the system of all institutions.

For this reason, it is common for consumers to complain that Good Finance is not doing a 72-month loan restructuring …