Lexus Unveils Off-Road ROV Concept With Radical Hydrogen Engine

Lexus unveiled the ROV Concept, the company’s first hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Choosing to build an ROV (Off-Road Recreational Vehicle) may seem odd for a luxury car brand. However, Lexus says it wants to bring a premium experience to the off-road realm.

Most importantly, the Concept ROV introduces an all-new hydrogen combustion engine.

Lexus ROV Concept

Modern hydrogen vehicles, such as the Toyota Mirai, have generally used a fuel cell design. These generate electricity for propulsion, pure water being the only by-product.

However, the Concept ROV has a new 1.0-liter internal combustion engine. This burns the hydrogen directly as a fuel source, functioning like a traditional engine.

Lexus says this translates to almost zero emissions, with only a small amount of oil burned while driving.

Instant throttle response

Lexus ROV Concept

Using an internal combustion engine, according to Lexus, produces instant throttle response and a “nice engine note.”

Although it is a rugged all-terrain vehicle, the ROV concept retains the design features that Lexus owners are familiar with.

The exterior features the brand’s “spindle” grille, with front and rear lights inspired by the latest Lexus design language. The dark bronze paint color was specially developed for the Concept ROV.

Lexus ROV Concept

Inside there are plenty of carbon fiber trim, as well as two well-padded sport seats. Lexus says the dashboard follows its “Tazuna” philosophy, with minimal gauges to avoid distracting the driver.

For now, the ROV will remain a concept: an example of what the company can do with hydrogen.

Spiros Fotinos, Director of Lexus Europe, notes that it “merges our desire to also develop lifestyle-oriented products with our continued search for new technologies that contribute to carbon neutrality”.


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