Jio-bp launches its first service station in Navi Mumbai


Jio-bp mobility stations will offer various services, including fuel additives, recharging of electric vehicles as well as refreshments and food.

Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) launched its first Jio-bp branded service station at Navde in Navi Mumbai.

According to RBML, the Indian fuel market is expected to grow at a record rate over the next 20 years. Jio-bp mobility stations would be designed to meet this growing demand.

Reliance plans to rename its existing network of more than 1,400 fuel pumps. The mobility stations will offer a variety of services, including fuel additives, recharging of electric vehicles, as well as refreshments and food.

Additive fuel will be available at Mobility stations at no additional cost. The company says the fuel contains additives that form a protective layer on critical engine parts to keep them clean.

Jio-bp will also set up a network of electric vehicle charging stations and battery exchange stations in its mobility stations, and other autonomous locations called mobility points.

The mobility stations will house Wild Bean Cafes, a moving international brand of BP.

The company will also offer Express Oil Change drain points in partnership with Castrol. Mobility Stations will offer free vehicle health checks and a free oil change service. Each 2-wheel customer who purchases Castrol lubricant from Express Oil Change points of sale will be able to benefit from the oil change service free of charge.

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