Hydrogen stocks are on the verge of soaring in the face of the current energy crisis

i’m all about energy independence these days. The tragedy unfolding in Ukraine right now – and the collateral economic damage felt around the world because of it – makes me think enough is enough.

The world must move away from fossil fuels. No more fights for oil or sanctions on natural gas. Stop relying on foreign exports to fuel our economy. And no more skyrocketing gas, grocery and utility prices because a madman named Putin decided to fight the world.

Truth be told, you and I shouldn’t feel the costs of this war. But to some extent, we’re — and it’s not good.

The world must do better. And it will, thanks to hydrogen.

Yes, hydrogen – not solar, wind or fossil fuels. The most important cornerstone of the energy independence revolution that will solve the current crisis – and prevent future ones from happening again – will be the most abundant element in the universe. And yet, it’s a country you probably didn’t think of as an economic powerhouse.

But it could be the costliest mistake of your life. Hydrogen, folks, will turn into a Saving $11 trillion on its own in the 2020s. And hydrogen stocks are going to be among the biggest market gainers of the decade.

This is do not an exaggeration.

Remember what solar stocks have been doing for the past five years? Take Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH), for example. This stock has turned every $10,000 invested five years ago into $1.4 million today.

Hydrogen stocks will, and then some over the next few years, as hydrogen becomes the most important energy source in the world.

So… what are you waiting for? The opportunity presents itself. answer the door.

Let’s talk science

To understand the huge opportunity of the hydrogen economy, we must first go back to our college Chemistry 101 classes.

Reminder of the periodic table. Hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe. As such, you can fit many more hydrogen atoms into a finite space than, say, lithium atoms. And therefore a hydrogen power source will be infinitely more energy dense than a power source made with nothing else.

An image of the periodic table of elements

This has huge implications:

  • In transport markets, greater energy density means that hydrogen fuel cells have longer ranges and faster refueling times than batteries.
  • In Stationary markets, this means they have more consistent and robust power output.
  • And in all marketsthis means that hydrogen fuel cells are much lighter and more portable.

Don’t make a mistake. Hydrogen has some huge added value in the world of clean energy.

That’s why, once hydrogen becomes profitable and viable, those who produce and supply it will be among the largest energy companies in the world. Hydrogen stocks will be part of the the best performing technology stocks of the 2020s.

Corn why now? After all, the periodic table hasn’t changed in the last 50 years. So what has changed to allow hydrogen to take over in the 2020s?

Hydrogen stocks are at a ‘tipping point’

We believe that for the first time ever, all the stars have aligned for hydrogen to “switch” into hypergrowth mode this year.

To begin with, you have favorable Politics. In the 1970s, nobody cared about decarbonization. Now apparently every country and company in the world has a goal of net zero emissions by 2030, 2040 or 2050. And the Russian-Ukrainian war only underscores the need for countries to end their dependence on oil Russia and establish their independence through clean energy sources.

the costs of hydrogen also fell. Economies of scale and advanced technologies have driven the cost of hydrogen fuel cells down 60% over the past decade. Deloitte expects hydrogen fuel cell costs to fall below electric battery costs by 2024 and combustion engine costs by 2028.

A graph showing the falling cost of hydrogen fuel cells

the technology has improved considerably. Technological breakthroughs and falling renewable energy costs have led to a new era of scalable “green hydrogen” production. Today, hydrogen is produced cost-effectively from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind – not from natural gas, which is the main source of historical production.

All in all, it’s an incredible change.

Basically, while the periodic table hasn’t changed in the past 50 years, everything else has. For the first time, all the hydrogen growth relays showed up at the party at the same time.

And it’s time for that party start rocking.

The winning game for hydrogen stocks

With cost, technology and access barriers removed, the hydrogen economy will swing into its long-awaited renaissance in the 2020s.

And it won’t be small. Airplanes, trains, trucks, forklifts, data centers, commercial buildings, etc. could all be powered by hydrogen by the 2030s.

that’s why Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MRS) sees the hydrogen economy worth more than $11 BILLION by 2040.

Today, most investors are sleeping on hydrogen stocks. That means you can buy them now while they’re on sale – before they turn $10,000 into a million dollar payday, like Enphase Energy has done for the past five years.

However, the question is: what is the best hydrogen stock to buy today?

To answer this question, I will quote our leading investment research advice, Innovation Investor. In it, we invest exclusively in the world’s most transformative megatrends, like cloud computing, AI, electric vehicles, blockchain, gene editing, and yes, hydrogen.

We’ve put together a portfolio of what we believe are the most innovative stocks in the world with huge long-term upside potential.

And in this portfolio we have a hydrogen company.

It is by far the strongest on the market today. It is the company that plans to be the “You’re here (NASDAQ:TSLA) of hydrogen. And its stock – well, let’s just say it could also follow in Tesla’s explosive footsteps.

The last word

Your gas and grocery prices go up. And your heating and cooling bills go up too.

Why? Because of Russia.

It’s absurd. A madman decides to invade a foreign country more than 8,000 kilometers away and you pay the price.

This is rooted in the interconnected web of dependencies that is the global economy. This web was working. But this is no longer the case. It’s broken. And now it’s time to give it up for economic independence.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. But with technological progress on our side, it is an achievable task. We can, for the very first time, achieve global energy independence – a feat that would save us billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Hydrogen will play a vital role in achieving energy independence. But it won’t be alone.

Helping almost as much will be the advancement of “battery forever“technology that will allow today’s electric cars and energy storage units to last much longer, recharge much faster and be much safer.

These eternal batteries will rewrite the rules of how things work. And at the epicenter of pioneering this forever battery technology is a tiny $2 stock that has huge upside potential.

I know you’re interested in this company’s name… its stock symbol… its management team and its business plan…

Unfortunately, I cannot share this information with you here. But because you’ve read this far (which tells you you understand the importance of this stuff), I can offer you a deal.

I’m going to show you how you can access all the information you would need on this $2 “battery forever” stock. More than that, I’ll show you how to discover my #1 hydrogen stock to buy now – a company that could be the “next Tesla”.

As of the date of publication, Luke Lango had (neither directly nor indirectly) any position in the securities mentioned in this article.

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