How Irish families can save €1,000 on their energy bills this year, according to expert advice on RTE’s Claire Byrne Live

EXPERTS have shared their energy-saving tips for Irish households, which could save families up to a thousand euros in bills this year.

Speaking on RTE’s Claire Byrne Live, Dr Paul Deane from UCC’s Institute for Environmental Research gave two of his top tips for saving around £500 each a year on utility costs. electricity.


Dr Paul Deane gave his tip to save £1000
Aoife Murray gave advice on how to save money on car costs


Aoife Murray gave advice on how to save money on car costs
Scientist Phil Smyth gave advice on how to reduce the cost of household appliances.


Scientist Phil Smyth gave tips on how to cut appliance costs.

First, he recommended people lower their thermostat from the average Irish 21C to 18C.

Dr Deane said households with elderly or vulnerable people may find it difficult, but it is doable for most people.

He also said that 40% of gasoline and diesel used in cars is for short trips of less than 8 km.

He said: “If we can save maybe one in five trips by doing a bit of cycling or working remotely, or taking the kids to school in turns, you could save another €500 there- low.”

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Dr Deane said that, unfortunately, even if the war in Ukraine ended soon, there would be a global energy crisis for the next one to two years.

Mechanic Aoife Murray also gave advice on how to save on the cost of running a car, saying people should turn off their engines if they’re not moving on the road.

She said: “Driving smoothly and not aggressively will save you gas or diesel. Under hard braking and acceleration you would see your fuel gauge drop while driving like this.”

Murray advised people to check their tire pressure, properly maintain their cars and reduce unnecessary weight in their boots.

Scientist Phil Smyth said that any device that needs to be heated will cost a lot of energy.

He said to check if clothes such as jeans really need washing before putting them on a full rotation.

Smyth said: “If you wash a lot of things at 40°C, if you reduce that to 30°C you save an average of 30-40% in energy costs. Over the course of a year this could translate to around €200.”

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