How Diesel Engine Filtration Affects Fuel Economy

Every fleet feels pain at diesel pumps. As fuel prices continue to weigh on bottom line, the way to achieve even greater fuel efficiency is to focus on the details – the careful maintenance practices and component selections that will increase profitability. So let’s take a look at good diesel engine oil maintenance practices that will help keep your engines running smoothly.

“In modern diesel engines oil packages have come a very long way, but using the correct specified oil is very important as it must work in conjunction with the after treatment systems,” Donald noted. Chilton, Director, Product Management, WIX Filters. “If you have performance issues with the aftertreatment system, your mileage will suffer. Similarly, the wrong oil will cause increased engine wear on critical parts and reduced mileage.

This means cost increases on both fuel and maintenance. Chilton noted that studies have shown how increasing your filtration protection in a diesel engine will improve fuel economy. With increased filtration efficiency, there are fewer contaminants and less wear. This means increased fuel economy.

That doesn’t mean you want to over-specify your filtration needs. Instead, you want to make sure you strike the right balance of filtration efficiency and protection with a high-quality filter. For its part, WIX Filters offers a range of filters for heavy-duty diesel engines which includes its XD (extended drain option) and XE (extra efficiency option).

Speaking of oil change intervals, fuel economy plays a large role in how intervals are set, and filtration is key to ensuring you get the best fuel economy from your engine and the engine. longest drain interval possible in your service cycle.

“There’s an enormous amount of testing and engineering that goes into determining the correct drain interval for a particular engine,” Chilton noted. “Fuel economy is tied to engine wear and wear is the enemy of the engine. Fleets need to maintain as high fuel efficiency as possible when working to extend diesel engine oil change intervals. »

WIX XD Extended Drain with Spin Flow Technology, designed to increase filter life, can increase oil change intervals by up to 50%, saving money on oil , filters, disposal and maintenance costs. While these numbers are impressive, it is important to note that oil change intervals are highly dependent on rigorous engine maintenance schedules and proper oil analysis.

“Oil analysis will tell you quickly what the oil is doing or not doing and how the engine is wearing,” Chilton said. “It shows how the acid and base numbers progress to effectively see how much life is really left in the oil before a change is needed.”

When your truck needs engine oil maintenance, it’s important to consider that these filtration best practices extend to other related components.

“If you’re not taking care of your oil, you’re probably not taking care of other important maintenance aspects – how’s your air filter or fuel filter?” Chilton said. “The fuel filter is the first line of defense in modern diesel engines. They need to be changed more frequently due to the ULSD fuels used. Water – which you cannot see – is present in this fuel due to moisture and it will destroy the engine if left unchecked. Be sure to change your fuel filter!

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