GWM wins multiple championships in China Automotive Customer Satisfaction Index Rating – Press Releases


BAODING, China, October 25. / PRNewswire / On October 12, GWM’s models won first place in three awards respectively in the CACSI 2021 evaluation.

Regarding product usage satisfaction, HAVAL H6 won first place in CACSI compact SUV segment between 100,000 and 150,000 RMB. HAVAL DAGOU and WEY Mocha (for Chinese Market) won the first prizes of the “Market Spotlight SUV 2021”. Moreover, in terms of product service satisfaction, WEY and HAVAL have won the championships in sales service evaluation, including pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales.

The CACSI evaluation lasted 20 years. It is accredited by the CHINA ASSOCIATION FOR QUALITY, an authoritative testing and evaluation agency in China, which uses a globally unified advanced data processing model to evaluate products. The results of tests and evaluations not only provide a positive benchmark for customer vehicle purchases, but also help automotive companies improve product quality.

Speaking at the Overseas Distributors online conference in August this year, Kong Lingbin, GWM Service Manager, said, “Only knowing customer needs can help us create products and services with souls. .

To meet the different demands of global users, GWM is dedicated to upgrading its products and improving the quality of service in many markets around the world. In Russia, it launched the high-end GWM POER pickup in June this year and received praise from a large number of local users.

“I was very pleased with the quality and driving experience of GWM POER. The perfect combination of a 2.0L diesel engine and a ZF 8AT automatic transmission suitable for acceleration in all conditions .When driving on paved roads, GWM POER is as comfortable as an SUV, ”said one user after a test drive.

In the Thai market, in order to learn more about consumer needs and improve customer satisfaction with quality of services, GWM worked with NIDA Poll, an authoritative survey agency, and launched ‘The listening to the voice of Thai customers ”. This event attracted thousands of local customers to interact with the field staff. After that, GWM improved the layout of its channels to solve the problem of difficulty in getting the model information raised by customers. Currently, GWM has set up many new experience stores in urban shopping malls and sales showrooms and established user experience center in Bangkok.

In addition, to enable customers to learn more about our products, GWM has also set up mobile showrooms in shopping malls in South Africa and provided online “Virtual Test Drive” service in Australia. .

Liu Xiangshang, Vice President of GWM, said, “It is only by grasping the needs of our customers and providing excellent service experiences that it can enable us to win in the global market.

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