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Salt Lake City, Utah – (Newsfile Corp. – Aug 3, 2021) – Today Ms. Kristy Hunt, President of Green Star Products, Inc. (OTC Pink: GSPI), submitted a proposal to a private request for proposal (RFQ) from a Chinese engine manufacturing company.

The tender was triggered by a presentation previously given to Chinese officials in California by the GSPI consortium, regarding its ultra-efficient multi-fuel (UME) engine.

President Hunt quickly brought together the original consortium partners to respond to this new quote request. The partners of the Green Star UME Consortium have considerable experience in the development and production of lightweight, multi-fuel and ultra-high efficiency engines. UME Consortium partners have been awarded 15 separate contracts by US government agencies totaling more than $ 5 million for the development of affordable high density engines for aeronautics and space. These contracts were awarded by the Department of Defense, for the army, navy, air force and NASA.

EMUs are the perfect design to solve the current problems with the infrastructure problems that the United States is trying to solve. The 35kWh battery would provide up to 100 miles per day or even more would run entirely on electricity. Beyond this range, the UME range extender motor could be used as needed, thereby eliminating any range anxiety the driver might have. Therefore, the range extender concept can eliminate the need for hundreds of thousands of expensive high power charging stations. We can eliminate the huge amount of money needed to save and expand the power grid system; all because these vehicles can be recharged at night at cheaper electric rates and when the electric grid system has excess electric power.

China, based on its experience, has made a significant change in its transport policy, moving away from all-electric vehicles, and embracing the concept of range extender for the future. The partners of the Green Star Consortium have been pushing the concept of range extender for many years in the United States without success. Today, the largest country in the world, with the greatest experience in electric vehicles, has come to the same conclusion. (Compared to China, the United States is still in its infancy when it comes to transporting electric vehicles. For example, there are 420,000 electric buses in China, compared to 650 electric buses in the United States.).

Suggested reading, “The world of hybrids” written many years ago by Joseph LaStella, explaining why China has now changed its electric vehicle program ( . UME engines have no valves, no rocker arms, no valve springs, which eliminates hundreds of individual parts. UME engines do not have spark plugs, eliminating virtually all of the electronic components required for the ignition system. The patented direct injection system allows injectors to change the size of their droplets to suit different fuels.

See the following example to clarify the concept of scope extension:

The 26 kW UME motor could be the ultimate range extender. At 26 kWh per hour (35 hp), in three hours, the UME engine could replenish 78 kWh of energy to a vehicle. That’s a lot more than he would ever use, even when driving at highway speeds. This amount of power is roughly the same as that carried by the all-electric Tesla sedan, which is 80 kWh, allowing a driving distance of almost 300 miles with a weight of almost 5,000 lbs.

This UME motor can be used as an unlimited on-board range extender power supply to drive the vehicle approximately 300 to 400 miles, virtually eliminating any range anxiety a driver might have.

In the United States, 80% of vehicles used each day travel less than 40 miles (US government statistics). Under real operating conditions, with a 35 kWh battery, a vehicle can carry out its daily journeys on battery power, completely independent of the range extender.

VSS UPDATE: The FTC has issued a Stop and Refrain from VSS Advertising related to the COVID-19 virus. Ms. Hunt is working with the FTC to resolve any issues. A rebranding plan is being developed to allow the formula to continue to be offered as a dietary supplement under FTC guidelines.

GSPI has reoriented its main focus towards environmental technology which has generated great interest in the past. By rekindling projects that have already generated interest, putting GSPI’s wide range of applicable technologies back in the spotlight. See the press release of 07/29/21 in reference: Green Star Products announces new business plans for 2021

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