Google Maps to help you save on fuel costs soon

Google Maps’ latest beta update, version 11.39, includes options for users to choose the type of engine of the vehicle they would be driving in order to “save you the most gas or energy” when the driving. Google now offers its customers four alternatives to determine which route will prove to be the most fuel-efficient for a vehicle equipped with a given type of engine: gasoline, diesel, electric and hybrid.

Depending on the type of vehicle engine, the aim is to recommend to the Google Maps user the best route to take in order to save fuel or energy. According to 9to5Google, when releasing the feature with the latest addition, Google may also include the ability to switch to a different engine type.

Google Maps feature will save users a lot of money

There are many vehicles with conventional gasoline engines, but the fuel efficiency of each engine type varies, and there are also a growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition, there are automobiles with diesel engines. The energy efficiency of different types of motors varies; so when the feature is introduced, it can be welcomed by users. This technology is still in beta testing at the moment, and it may still be a few weeks before owners of electric and hybrid vehicles can test the new features.

In May, Google Maps released a new update, one of which was the Street View feature for iOS and Android apps. Prior to the update, users could only examine Street View imagery and see how a location had changed over time on the desktop version of Google Maps. But using the service’s Android and iOS apps, consumers were able to have an identical experience on their smartphones.

Google also unveiled a brand new wearable camera. The 360-degree camera can be mounted on “any vehicle with a roof rack and controlled directly from a mobile device – no need for a specialized vehicle or fancy processing equipment”, according to the ‘inventor.

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