Gasoline theft and fuel efficiency are top concerns as prices rise

(WEHT) – As gasoline prices soar above record highs in the three states, drivers across the region are looking for ways to improve their fuel efficiency. At the same time, however, law enforcement is warning people of the impending possibility of thefts or gas siphoning.

While gasoline thefts are fairly rare in all three states, the Perry County Sheriff’s Office posted tips on Facebook on Tuesday, including parking in a well-lit area or garage. Elsewhere in the area, Warrick County Sheriff Mike Wilder says there are telltale signs of gasoline theft, adding that thieves often leave the hose or siphon behind or leave the fuel tank door opened.

But how about improving fuel efficiency to delay trips back to the gas station? Evansville Auto Repair mechanic Daniel Harrison says an ounce of prevention is better and cheaper than a pound of cure. Harrison says reducing unnecessary load can lighten the load on car engines, helping them run more efficiently.

Harrison adds that there are simple things to check to make sure cars run better, including tire pressure and checking engine fluids. Harrison also warns that post-market products designed to improve energy efficiency may not work as well as people hope, saying no product has been proven to improve efficiency by 20%. If there was, Harrison says someone would have found it and sold it by now.

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