Gas station hack to save money on fuel: ‘I can’t believe I didn’t know about it’

Content creator Ella May Houghton likes to post money-saving hacks on her social media platforms. She recently told her followers about a hack to get cheap gas that Ella swears by. She said: “Just found the biggest hack to save money on gas. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this app before it honestly changed my life.”

She recommended the free PetrolPrices app. Ella said: “So this app is called PetrolPrices and it literally does what it says on the box.

“It shows you all the gas prices of gas stations around you and compares them in numerical and chronological order.

“There’s even an option to find the cheapest or nearest stations on the map.”

The app allows users to search for their region to compare prices for gasoline, diesel, and other fuels.

The app’s creators say, “Search by postcode, town or city and filter by individual brands, fuel types and sort by cheapest stations or stations closest to you.”

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How to save money on gas

While tricks to save money on gas you can use at the pump come and go, it’s well known that the way you drive can save gas, or waste it.

Driving in a gas conscious way is one of the best ways to save money. How can you do this?

Tire pressure

The correct tire pressure will help drivers consume less fuel.

Drivers can find the correct pressures for their car in the owner’s manual.

The heavier the load in the car, the more pressure you will need in your tires.

Try to drive smoothly

Anticipating while driving is a way to drive more calmly and therefore consume less fuel.

Stopping and starting often consumes more fuel while slowing down and accelerating smoothly consumes less. To drive like this, car owners need to look ahead on the road to anticipate what actions they might need to take.

Avoid using alternating current or heating

Both use fuel, so only use them if you really need to.

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