ENGINE: Global Bunker Fuel Availability Outlook

IMaritime traffic to Gibraltar and all bunkers to Gibraltar were suspended on Thursday amid a gale and 2-meter swell today, port officer MH Bland said. The hold queue has grown to 16 ships in the port.

The weather conditions should improve a bit on Friday, before deteriorating again on Saturday and until the early hours of Sunday. Considerable delays are expected once operations are operational again.

Bunkering was also suspended at anchorages B, C and D of Algeciras, adding pressure to the remaining anchor A of the port. At least 12 ships were waiting for space to enter this anchorage for bunkering on Thursday.

Barge deliveries have been suspended in Ceuta. Ex-pipe refueling is still possible.

Bunker suppliers in the ARA continue to have readily available rods to offer for all grades of fuel, with delivery times of 1 to 3 days generally recommended. This is considerably shorter than the other major bunkering centers in Singapore and Fujairah.

The independently held fuel and diesel stocks at the ARA hub have been under heavy strain over the past week, according to data from Insights Global. Fuel oil stocks, which include high and low sulfur contents, fell to their lowest level in five weeks. Gas oil stocks, including diesel and heating oil, were reduced to their lowest level in more than seven years amid strong demand for heating oil in Europe.

Bunker availability remains limited in Singapore amid continued terminal congestion, pushing early delivery dates for VLSFO and HSFO380 rods to 9-12 days in advance. LSMGO is most readily available at 5-7 days.

Singapore’s residual fuel stocks hit three-week highs despite a drop in net imports last week. According to data from Enterprise Singapore, stocks of middle distillates – including gas oil – have recovered from their three-year lows.

In Fujairah, the suggested times for VLSFO and LSMGO are slightly up to six days from five days earlier. The delivery times for the HSFO380 are nine days.

Fujairah’s heavy distillate and residual fuel oil inventories fell this week to their lowest level in six weeks at 8.81 million barrels, according to data from Fujairah Oil Industry Zone and S&P Global Platts. Recent strong sales of low and high sulfur fuel oil bunkers have helped reduce inventories.

Vessel traffic through the Houston Ship Channel has been intermittently interrupted by fog and reduced visibility this week. The canal reopened to all traffic Thursday morning local time and there were 28 vessels waiting to arrive, 21 to depart and three vessels waiting, port officer Norton Lilly said.

The canal is a key waterway for reaching the region’s bunkering ports, including Houston, Galveston, Texas City, and Baytown. Some ships delayed by canal closures have had to cancel rods because they had tight mooring schedules, sources say.

Rapid bunker availability is under pressure in the Houston area and at several other ports in the Americas. Supply is particularly tight at ports on the west coast of the United States such as Los Angeles and Panama. A supplier’s earliest delivery dates to Balboa are around eight days and several others have limited early availability.
Source: ENGINE (https://engine.online/)

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