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“Energy recovery from the Mercedes engine hampered Hamilton’s sprint progress”

Lewis Hamilton is probably not a fan of sprint races. At Silverstone, the British driver lost pole position to Max Verstappen, and in Italy he got off to a bad start and crashed at P5. He will start from fourth place following the engine penalty from Valtteri Bottas.

Impossible to overtake McLaren

Hamilton was unable to recover during the 18-lap sprint. The McLaren drivers rode on soft tires, while the seven-time world champion rode in medium. But Red Bull boss Christian Horner identifies another area that could have prevented Hamilton from progressing forward.

“When they operate sustainably, they reap [regaining energy in to the battery rather than using it] a lot,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“This is what we call clipping, so at the end of the straight lines you see the tail light flashing, and that just kills your straight line speed. So you can see Lewis coming in half a second [of Norris], which is usually a pass, but just run out of momentum at the end of the straight. It’s good news if we can stay ahead tomorrow. This means they won’t be able to attack too hard at the end of the straights because they have that harvest going on.

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