Energy bills: Underfloor heating could save you ‘£ 125 a year’ on your bills, claims adjuster says


The new series sees host Ranvir Singh helping families turn their homes into eco-friendly properties. During the episode, Ranvir also visited one of the most revolutionary eco-homes in the country, Lake House in Sussex. The property is one of the most sustainable new builds in the UK.

The property itself looked like it belonged to Los Angeles, California, with lots of glass, open plan spaces, and natural light.

Tim said: “It is built with sustainable wood, which is grown in Scandinavian forests only for construction.

“The exterior walls you’re looking at here are made from recycled plaster.

“And he’s got what’s called a hot roof or a hot roof.

“It is extremely efficient thermally.

When designing the property, Tim said he wanted his home to feel very outwardly for his family.

“We spend a lot of time outdoors, so we wanted to bring the outdoors in, so that was the brief, if you will, for the architect.

“I think we did. We have the impression of being outside but inside.

“We love the idea of ​​having all this glazing. Everything is very efficient.

The property has 103 double glazed windows to the exterior and 18 glass walls and windows to the interior.

Ranvir said replacing single glazing with A ++ rated double glazing “could save up to £ 95 per year”.

Outside the property is a beautiful lake which also serves as the house’s ‘engine room’.

The lake is used to help heat the house.

“We have a geothermal heating pipe that sits on the lake bed and carries coolant that boils at a very low temperature.

“The heat transfer fluid exchanges heat with the water in the pipe and when it returns to the house, it is a gas that is compressed.

“As we compress it, it heats up and that’s what we use to heat the house. “

The property does not use fossil fuels, the only energy they consume is electricity.

“We have no gas, no oil,” added Tim.

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