Energy Adviser: rebate accelerates electric vehicle charging program

Electric vehicle owners love the impressive fuel and maintenance savings, nimble performance and emission-free transportation that their electric vehicles offer. But life with an EV gets even better when paired with a Level 2 charger.

Clark Public Utilities wants to help its customers spend more time driving their electric vehicles and less time waiting for them to charge. So we partnered with Enel X to create an online marketplace where our customers can purchase a Level 2 JuiceBox Charger with a $500 discount applied at point of purchase.

As a customer-owned utility, we’re always looking for new ways to make services and incentives more available and convenient for more of the people we serve. The online marketplace for electric vehicle chargers is the utility’s latest pilot project to make our resources more accessible to more people.

“Clark Public Utilities is excited to bring the new online marketplace to our customers. We hope the initial $500 rebate will open the door even further for electric vehicle ownership in Clark County,” said Matt Babbitts, energy resources program manager for Clark Public Utilities.

To access the new marketplace or learn more about our electric vehicle incentives, visit:

On the utility’s EV webpage, you will see a redirect link that will take you to the Enel X JuiceBox Level 2 charger product page. There, you will enter your zip code and choose the charging unit you want. Then a $500 discount will be instantly applied at checkout for Clark Public Utilities customers – no additional documents or contracts required. Each household is qualified to receive a discount on up to two chargers. After the discount and taxes are applied, you can expect to pay between $100 and $150 per unit.

Although the online marketplace is specific to JuiceBox units, many other Tier 2 manufacturers and charging units are eligible for the same discount. But to receive the refund on these, customers will need to submit a refund form. The aforementioned EV program webpage includes a list of qualified chargers as well as information on other EV discounts.

The best part of a Level 2 loader is the speed. When you plug an electric vehicle into a regular 120-volt wall outlet, you can expect it to receive a range of 3-5 miles per hour, which requires 24 hours or more to get a full charge from no load. With a Level 2 charger, you’ll get 18 to 24 miles per hour of range, requiring about six to eight hours for a full charge from empty. The exact charging time you get will depend on the amperage of your charger and your electric vehicle model.

Level 2 chargers are available in two installation options. One is wired directly into the electrical service panel, which should be done by a trained professional. The other is to plug the charger directly into a 240-volt outlet, similar to the outlet your clothes dryer plugs into, and also needs to be installed by a professional. The performance difference between them is minimal, but the wired version is slightly more efficient – but perhaps by a few minutes.

Electric vehicles are steadily gaining popularity in Clark County. Electric vehicle owners say they love the performance and the impressive fuel and maintenance savings compared to an internal combustion engine.

“Adoption of electric vehicles in Clark County continues to grow at a healthy pace,” Babbitts said. “On average, we’re adding more than 100 new EVs each month, and as of mid-January there were over 5,000 registered EVs in the county.”

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